Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bob Teaching Youth

Part of what we did today was leading these youth leaders through the 5 Purposes. Yes, even I got up front and led the class through 2 sessions.

During the testimony phase, one of the seminary students, Abel, told us a part of his story when the war was going on. The enemy stuck guns through their windows and opened fire. He was wounded in the buttocks, but no one else from his family was hurt.

That was an early confirmation for him that God was in his life. He felt called to join the seminary to become a Pastor. He asks that we pray for his continued faith and that both he and his family can remain strong. With his father passing away he is responsible for his mother, siblings, his wife and two children.

Its very difficult being far from home, but he knows the sacrifice is well worth it.

Thanks for your continued prayers and blessings.

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