Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20 - A Prayer Request

I just want to bring some prayer requests to you:

1. Bishop Andrew has been battling a re-occurrence of malaria that has really been bad for him, keeping him in bed for 10 days. He is very weak and has lost a lot of weight.

2. For the public schools in Yambio. They are having a lot of trouble getting and keeping good teachers. The children actually had a protest to bring the lack of teaching to the notice of everyone. The state Governor is now getting involved, hopefully, he will be able to straighten it out.

3. So many of the high school kids have a great desire to continue their education by attending university, but, there is no money for that. It is very inexpensive to send them to university, about $1000 per year, but to them, it may as well be millions.

Thanks for your prayers so far. We can certainly feel them!

Love to all,

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