Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Visas For Sudan

Visas for Sudan--yes!; Love to all of you from Kampala
Hello family and friends! It's Tuesday night July 15 at 11:04 p.m. and I'm in an internet cafe near our hotel. Bob and Susie have hit the sack for the night. They are such gifts from God to all of us! We had an awesome day! The weather here is beautiful--low 70's and sunny! Our Sudan visas were approved by the Southern Sudan government--praise God! So we're all set for our entry into Sudan on Friday morning. We exchanged money today; did some souveneir shopping, and showed Bob some of Kampala. We also went to the Missionary Aviation Fellowship office which is the airline that we fly from Yambio back to Entebbe next Thursday, July 24. We had to pay our tickets today. MAF makes flights into Sudan on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Our host here in Sudan is Paschal. He's a student that knows Bishop Andrew. He is from Yambio and is studying Hotel Management so he can return to help run the Yambio guesthouse.

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