Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's Word is "Hills"

We're going to have a word of the day for each day. Monday's word was: schlep. Sue came up with that because we were schleping our luggage around all day. We had 8 bags--8! and they were not light! And we rode from the airport in a small toyota car--what a squeeze! Our back end was dragging! But God kept us safe!

Today's word is: hills. Kampala, Uganda is built on 7 hills and we were all over the city today. Susie and I kept saying to Bob--'Bob, did we tell you Kampala is a city built on hills?' Susie also nominated 'nap' as the word for today--but then withdrew it tonight since we didn't have time to take one today.

We love each one of you and are so thankful for your prayers! Bob and Susie will blog tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get some photos to you tonight! Together with you in the Great Commission,


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