Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Awesome Day At Beguga

Wednesday, July 23 4:30 p.m. ish

We had an awesome day at Beguga! We were very humbled to be at the groundbreaking for the first two buildings for the Beguga school classrooms.

Pastor Nicholas led the groundbreaking ceremony and Bishop Andrew spoke as well as the local chief of Beguga. Sue, Bob and I each dug into the ground with a hoe. Bishop asked Bob to say 'in the Name of the Father' as he dug and I did 'in the Name of the Son' and Sue 'in the Name of the Holy Spirit.' Tears welled up in our eyes as we looked into the eager faces of these children who are very excited to have permanent classrooms where they can learn.

Praise God that we can be a part of educating the future doctors, teachers, engineers, farmers, etc...of southern Sudan through this Beguga primary school. We spent about an hour teaching the kids as well! They loved the Daniel Bible skit--Bob is a wonderful Daniel! Some of the children were lions and they enjoyed growling at Bob in the lion's den!! The kids loved 'Shepherd Says' which is an adaptaion of Simon Says. What fun!

Last night our dinner at Pastor Nicholas's was very special. He is such a Godly man and his wife Florence and baby Nancy are precious. We nearly got stuck driving in the roads/fields to get there--but it was worth it!

Love and prayers,

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